30.000 estudiantes en Bogota +Educación – Armas

In late 2009 a huge mobilization by students from across the country came to Bogota. More than 30,000 marched to government buildings in downtown . They protested various issues including; the support for a free and public education (+education / – war), An end to US intervention in Colombia (7 new US military bases put in Colombia by Obama), and an end to the attacks on the student movement (many students have been hunted down, disappeared, and killed). These and many more demands were taken by the students to the Colombian congress.

Hoy miles de estudiantes marcharon en la capital de Colombia. Gritando consignas por una educacion publica, soberania nacional, y por los derechos humanos. La tremenda tormenta que cayo apenas empesaba la marcha no paro la voz estudiantil que llego al congreso nacional en la Plaza de Bolivar.


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